iMist and Fat Fryers

iMist and fat fryers

iMist and Fat Fryers

Cooking with oils and fat frying is still common in many homes, but people may not be aware of the dangers that can arise from heated oil. 


There are still many instances of chip pan fires being attended by fire brigades. If dealt with incorrectly, these types of fires can have severe results.

kitchen illustration to show how fires happen

When a fire of this kind happens, people may immediately apply water to try and extinguish the fire but for a chip pan or hot oil fire, the addition of water will only make matters worse.

Water is of lower density than oil, so immediately will drop to the bottom of the oil. Oil burns at a temperature of 400-500 degrees Celsius, and water turns into steam at around 100 degrees Celsius. When the water meets the fire and the oil, it will turn into steam and force the burning oil out, resulting in a much larger and more widespread fire than you had to begin with.

The iMist system uses micro droplets to starve the fire of oxygen, thus suffocating it.  By removing the oxygen, the iMist system can suppress the fire without causing it to spread further.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the iMist system works, we would be happy to invite you to one of our online webinars.


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