Domestic Property Risks

The iMist system was designed for domestic occupancies, and to date, we have completed installations across the UK. A domestic installation is for a private/single-family dwelling. A home is the most important thing to anyone – it’s where your memories and possessions are kept. In this day and age, we have more electrical components, different types of materials, etc. that are used in a home every day, which makes a fire scenario ever more likely.

We know the traditional fire sprinklers use too much water and are obtrusive for your home. So, we developed the iMist system to be the opposite. The flexibility of our pipework means we can retrofit into existing buildings, and also easily complete new build properties. The nozzles are designed to look like a downlight and therefore, not stick out in your ceiling landscape. All this is supported by a pump unit small enough to fit in a kitchen unit, and use a fraction of the water to negate the need for a tank.

Check out our domestic case studies below.