Domestic Fire Suppression Systems

The iMist™ home fire suppression system was developed with flexibility in mind. Available for installation across numerous property types, including flats, loft conversions, and home extensions, our domestic misting systems are designed to protect your home and your loved ones in a fire by quickly and effectively addressing all three sides of the fire triangle quickly and effectively.

What makes the iMist™ water mist system so special is that our hydraulic hoses are designed for speedy installation in new-build properties, and to allow simple retrofitting within existing buildings. This means you don’t have to worry about damaging your property while installing fire safety measures.

Beyond this, the nozzles used in an iMist™ domestic water mist system are designed to replicate a downlight to avoid impacting your ceiling design. Other key benefits of the iMist™ home fire suppression system include:

  • Easy concealment as the pumps used to support the iMist™ systems are small enough to fit inside a kitchen unit.
  • A water supply tank is unrequired, so you don’t need to worry about loss of space after having a domestic fire suppression system installed.
  • Reduced damage to your property and the environment once activated, as compared to a traditional sprinkler system, the iMist™ suppression systems use a fraction of the total water.

About iMist’s Home Fire Suppression System Installation

If you’re looking to fit an iMist™ domestic mist sprinkler system, our team will work closely with you to find the perfect system for your home. From initial contact to installation and aftercare, working with iMist™ means you’ll be working with a dedicated team of in-house experts.

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Where Can I Use iMist™ Domestic Water Mist Systems?


Domestic Fire Suppressed in Tenement Building

When fire broke out in an apartment block in Perth, Scotland, the residents and building were successfully protected by the iMist™ Fire Suppression system.

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