iMist™ is certified to ISO 14001

At iMist™ Fire Suppression, we are proud to have had our Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001.  It reflects our commitment to environmental, social and green matters. 


Sustainable System with 80% Less Water than Traditional Fire Sprinklers

With growing ethical and environmental concerns worldwide, iMist™ ensures that our sustainable activity and active positive impact is reflected in our work as we continue shaping a culture of corporate social responsibility.

United Nation’s Sustainable
Development Goals

The United Nation’s drive to create a better future sets out seventeen goals under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

iMist™ is proud to have joined this initiative.

iMist™ | Sustainable Initiatives

These are just some of the ESG initiatives we have in addition to our overall Environmental Management System that got us to ISO 14001. We put the concepts of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development into practice by driving zero-waste emissions, introducing renewable products and future-proofing our systems.

Paperless Offices

All staff are encouraged to work online and avoid unnecessary printing.

Reusable Products

Our components are recyclable, reducing single-use waste.

More Office Locations

An iMist™ engineer is only ever two hours away, which minimises travel miles.

Introducing Hybrid

Since January 2021, all of our company cars have been hybrid. By 2030, all our fleet vehicles will be too.