Why Choose Mist Fire Suppression?

iMist™ Fire Suppression systems are the economical alternative to traditional fire sprinklers. The extensively researched and tested design of the iMist™ system ensures our products use less water, cause less damage (on activation) and are more economical.

Trusted by Architects

Take a look at a selection of recent installations carried out by iMist™ in domestic and residential properties.

Trusted by Building Control

At iMist™, we promote full transparency. Take a look at our many certifications, accreditations, and test reports.

Trusted by Homeowners

Many homeowners have trusted iMist™ to install a fire suppression system within a short time frame and with minimal disruption.

Take a look at some of our recent projects

Take a look at a selection of recent domestic and residential installations carried out by iMist™.

Our accreditations speak for themselves

Our Values

Our approach and values drive everything we do at iMist™; from our operations and manufacturing to delivering exceptional customer service. We always ensure our values remain at the heart of every project.

Full Openness and Transparency

We believe that open communication builds trust, and this is the foundation of all of our relationships with employees and customers.

Teamwork = Success

We take ownership and are committed to everything we do. The impact we make is always greater when we all work together.

Quality Assured

We set high standards and consistently try to exceed them. With frequent testing and audits, we try our best to maintain great results.

Simplicity Guaranteed

At iMist™, we remove the confusion and ensure we always promote the easiest, and simplest, experience when working with our customers.

Continuous Professional Development

We provide free online CPD sessions weekly. Presented by our experienced ex-firefighter and CPD manager, we explain the benefits of water mist fire suppression systems. We can also arrange these sessions at a time/date to suit you.


iMist CPD

Sustainability and CSR

With growing ethical and environmental concerns, iMist ensures that our sustainable activity and active positive impact is reflected in our work, shaping a culture of corporate social responsibility.