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At iMist™ Scotland, we specialise in innovative fire protection systems prioritising safety and efficiency for our customers. Our market-leading water mist technology is designed to provide high-pressure water mist fire suppression, while minimising water damage, making it ideal for domestic and residential applications.

These installations are reflective of the last 12-months in Scotland

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Scotland Fire Safety and Legislation

Understanding Fire Regulations in Scotland

From March 1st 2021:

Amendment of the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004
2.- (1) The Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (1) are amended in accordance with paragraphs (2) and (3).

 (2) In Regulation 2 (1) (interpretation)-
              (a) omit the definition of ‘high rise domestic building’.
              (b) after the definition of ‘sanitary facility’ insert –
  “shared multi-occupancy residential building” means a residential building occupied as a sole or main   residence by more than six individuals where those occupying the building, or part of the building, share the use of sanitary facilities or facilities for the prevention of cooked food with other persons occupying the building, or part of the building
             (c) after the definition of ‘site’ insert –
  “social housing dwelling” means a dwelling occupied by virtue of a Scottish secure tenancy within the meaning of section 11 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 (2).
 (3) In Schedule 5 (building standards applicable to design and construction) in the limitation to the standard contained in paragraph 2.15 (automatic fire suppression systems) –
              (a) omit paragraph (c)
              (b) at the end of sub-paragraph (d) omit ‘or’
              (c) after paragraph (e) insert –
  (f) is a shared building containing a flat or maisonette
  (g) is a social housing dwelling, or
  (h) is a shared multi-occupancy residential building.

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What are the compliance requirements for Fire Suppression in Scotland?

Building Standards

In Scotland, all new build affordable housing requires fire suppression, and the iMist™ Fire Suppression system is recognised and approved by multiple councils in Scotland as it meets BS:8458 requirements and has BSI ISO:9001 for the design, supply & installation of water mist fire protection systems.

Maintenance and Inspection Guidelines

It is a legal requirement to maintain life safety equipment. Systems failing to activate could result in criminal proceedings under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 England and Wales or The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006. Learn more here.

Certified, Audited and Approved

We have worked hard to obtain and pass third-party accreditations for installations, designs and manufacturing. Including LABSS and a fully compliant certificate in accordance with British Standard (BS:8458). Passing each of the six different tests meant we were able to fully certify our system in all scenarios.

How iMist­™ systems help with Fire Suppression in Scotland

iMist™ fire protection systems are among the most rigorously tested and certified domestic and residential fire suppression solutions available in the UK. Our iMist™ fire suppression systems, designed and installed by our team, offer significant advantages over traditional sprinkler systems, including easier and quicker installation.

The technology behind iMist™ systems is proven to effectively address all aspects of the fire triangle—heat, fuel, and oxygen. By restricting fire spread, reducing oxygen levels, and minimizing the risk of reignition, iMist™ systems have demonstrated a 100% success rate in real-world applications.

In Scotland, where Fire Service response times can exceed 30 minutes in remote areas, the risk of extensive property damage and loss of life is elevated, as is the risk of fire spreading to neighbouring buildings. Installing an iMist™ system ensures that fires are suppressed long enough for residents to safely evacuate and for the Fire Service to arrive, preventing the spread of fire and protecting both lives and properties.

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Royal Blind School | Edinburgh

Multiple Housing | Change of Building Use

Housing Development – East Lothian

Multiple Housing

East Lothian

Burnfoot Care Home – East Ayrshire

Care Homes | Sheltered Housing

Live Fire Activation Case Study
St Catherine’s Square

Half a day
1 Domestic Pump
3 Nozzles


St Catherine’s Place, located in Perth, Scotland, is a tenement building for social housing. The client contacted iMist™ for full domestic coverage to all habitable rooms in the apartment block, using their water mist fire suppression system. This was due to the tenants being considered a fire risk.

In as little as half a day, iMist™ were able to install the system to ensure that tenants and property were fire-safe.


In October 2021, a fire broke out in the apartment block; the residents and building were successfully protected by the iMist™ Fire Suppression system which was installed in the tenement property.

Three fire engines from Scotland Fire and Rescue raced to the scene of the fire, which broke out in the early hours of the morning while the residents were sleeping. While on-site staff raised the alarm by dialling 999, the iMist™ system activated at the scene of the fire.

According to the fire report, the fire was controlled and contained prior to their arrival. The 13 firefighters, and one senior officer in attendance were then able to ensure all the residents were safely evacuated while breathing apparatus crews entered the property to ensure the fire was fully out.

Protect your property and the lives of its occupants with the UK’s market-leading, proven fire suppression system.

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