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Fire Safety System

iMist™ protects heritage-listed buildings with fire suppression systems that can be retrofitted without disturbing the existing structure. 

Saving Britain's Incredible History With Our Easy Retrofit Capabilities

Many heritage-listed buildings and historic properties have minimal fire protection. On average, over 400 serious fires break out in listed buildings every year. Fitting a fire suppression system gives you the peace of mind that you are doing the very best you can to protect these sensitive properties. 

Our system ensures installation occurs with minimal damage and disturbance to the building. iMist™ has successfully worked on various Grade A buildings such as Queens Road, and other Grade I and II properties, including The Towers in Cambridge. iMist™ Fire Suppression systems provide effective fire protection where the property and its contents are at serious risk of water damage.  Our mist systems use up to 80% less water than traditional fire sprinklers – saving lives, saving property, saving water.

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Why a Misting System?

BSI: 9991 says you must have an AWFSS in the following circumstances; Multi-Basement Buildings
For dwellings with multiple floors below ground level, a protected stairway, and an AWFSS, 9m meters should not be exceeded for from the foot of the
protected stair to any habitable room

6.4 (b) Dwelling Houses with one or more storey greater than 7.5m in height (4 storeys)

A second, separate protected stairwell is not required if AWFSS is fitted throughout.

9.1 (d) Internal Planning of Flats and Maisonettes

Flats or maisonettes with an open plan arrangement and more than one floor should have a protected stairway and AWFSS fitted. This allows escaping to the shared external entrance.

9.4.2 (a) Extended travel distances within an open-plan flat

Flats more than 4.5m above ground level that are entered on the same level can increase total travel distances to the entrances from 9m to 20m with the
use of AWFSS throughout the entire building, along with a LD1 fire detection and fire alarm system in accordance with BS 5839-6:2013.

9.3 (b) Provision of inner rooms in flats not more than 4.5m in height

Inner rooms are not suggested unless the use of an AWFSS is utilised throughout the entire building, along with a grade D LD1 Fire detections and fire alarm system in accordance with BS 5839-6:2013.

9.7 Open Plan Layouts

Open planned flats are permissible with a fully fitted AWFSS.

Benefits of the iMist™ system

Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems are now the number one choice for many architects and developers thanks to the easy installation of the system and the multiple benefits it has to offer.  

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