Student Accommodation

Student accommodation often houses multiple students at one time, with different students moving in and out every year to line up with their studying. The halls of student accommodation typically consist of high-rise blocks, being around 6 storeys high, which are covered by fire safety regulations.

As a provider of accommodation for students, it is vital to meet the appropriate building regulations in regard to fire safety. There are many instances in which a fire can start, especially when housing a high volume of people.

Candles, cooking appliances, incense and electrical goods are used excessively by students, and increase the chances of a fire starting in the premises. With effective fire suppression installed into the student halls, this will prevent the spreading of any fires in the property and will keep the residents safe.

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Caradog Student Accommodation iMist installed fire suppression system

When do I need a fire suppression system?

BSI 9991 says you must have an AWFSS in the following circumstances; Multi-Basement Buildings

For dwellings with multiple floors below ground level, a protected stairway, and an AWFSS, 9m meters should not be exceeded for from the foot of the protected stair to any habitable room

6.4 (b) Dwelling Houses with one or more storey greater than 7.5m in height (4 storeys)

A second, separate protected stairwell is not required if AWFSS is fitted throughout.

9.1 (d) Internal Planning of Flats and Maisonettes

Flats or maisonettes with an open plan arrangement and more than one floor should have a protected stairway and AWFSS fitted. This allows escape to the shared external entrance. 

9.7 Open Plan Layouts

Open planned flats are permissible with a fully fitted AWFSS

9.3 (b) Provision of inner rooms in flats not more than 4.5m in height

Inner rooms are not suggested unless the use of an AWFSS is utilised throughout the entire building, along with a grade D LD1 Fire detections and fire alarm system in accordance with BS 5839-6:2013.

9.4.2 (a) Extended travel distances within an open-plan flat

Flats more than 4.5m above ground level that are entered on the same level can increase total travel distances to the entrances from 9m to 20m with the use of AWFSS throughout the entire building, along with a LD1 fire detection and fire alarm system in accordance with BS 5839-6:2013.

11.1 Flats where occupants are not capable of independent evacuation

It is possible to use provisions o an AWFSS where the use of the building is required for people not capable of independent evacuation (excluding common corridors and stairways). It is further possible to protect common areas (excluding common corridors and stairways) using provisions of an AWFSS where the use of the building is required for people not capable of independent evacuation.

Case Studies

Caradog House – Cardiff

Caradog House is a 700 unit student accommodation property, which was a new build in Central Cardiff, 100m away from the university. The project was projected at £13 million and spanned over 18 months, with iMist personnel on-site almost every day over this course.

Queens Court – Reading

Queens Court is a large student accommodation, with over 500 units. Within 1 month of starting the project, we had finished the retrofit of 56 systems in 56 units, whilst the students were still living there; meaning no loss of income for the client and no disruption.

Student Castle – Oxford

Student Castle is currently being built with a variety of studios, twins and flats, in the heart of the historical city of Oxford. With over 515 units, iMist are planning to install our iMist system to protect all students in case of an unlikely event of a fire activation,


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