Easy to Retrofit Fire
Suppression Systems

Our automatic fire suppression system (AFSS) has been inexpensively retrofitted in thousands of properties in the UK. The ease of installation means that it can be completed in as little as a day without major works.
imist fire suppression retrofit their system into a household

Retrofitting Automatic Fire
Suppression Systems

At iMist Fire Suppression, we are experts in retrofitting market-leading domestic and residential fire protection systems.

Quick, Quiet Installations

The life-safety fire suppression system installation is quick, cost-effective and avoids any unnecessary disruption to residents. We can work around your schedule and busy lifestyle.

Cost-effective Solution

Labour costs are reduced thanks to iMist’s flexible high-pressure hoses. The solution also minimises mess and eases concern and stress as installation can be completed while occupants are present.

Protected History

The UK is filled with stunning historical (often listed) properties with original architectural features making it essential to keep up with the latest fire safety and building regulations.

Retrofitting Fire Suppression Case Studies

iMist retrofit fire suppression systems can be installed in existing buildings, improving fire protection and safety in the building for all the occupants, and with much less disruption than would be caused by using a solid pipe sprinkler system.

Past examples include:

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About iMist

Founded in 2015, iMist has developed its own range of market-leading, high-pressure water mist fire suppression systems specifically for domestic and larger residential properties. Its proprietary solutions offer several benefits over traditional fire sprinklers and low-pressure water mist products on the market, including more efficient use of water, ease of installation and cost-effectiveness.

Latest Fire Suppression News

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imist fire suppression retrofit their system into a household

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