Easy to Retrofit

Our iMist water mist fire suppression systems are ideal and easy to retrofit. 

Our iMist engineers have retrofitted numerous properties across the UK. Our system can retrofit any property inexpensively without inconveniencing any occupants. 

Retrofit can be completed in as little as a day without any major works. Benefits of retrofit with the iMist Fire Suppression system include the following:

  • Quick, quiet and clean installations
  • Occupants are left undisturbed
  • Historical buildings are left undamaged, white meeting building regulations.
  • Cost-effective
imist fire suppression retrofit their system into a household

The UK is filled with stunning and historical properties – which are most likely listed buildings, whereby it’s essential to keep originally architectural designs. Making it almost impossible to keep up with latest fire safety and building regulations. 

However, it is often misconstrued that existing buildings can’t have a fire suppression system installed, but with iMist you can. We can retrofit the system in even some of the most challenging historical buildings.

Our fully-qualified iMist engineers have successfully installed 2,500 iMist fire suppression systems through retrofit so far.

Unlike sprinkler companies, we do not charge for designs for our family home proposals to show you where our nozzles and pumps will be located.

Following your acceptance of our design package, a free site visit will be required before commencing works, and formal signing of contracts.

Case Studies

iMist installed a fire suppression system in an Aberdeen historical building, iMist retrofitted 32 nozzles
iMist installed a fire suppression system for luxury flats in Melville Street in Edinburgh
Edinburgh Princes Street, luxury apartments, iMist installed a fire suppression system with 67 nozzles

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