Building Regulations 2020

building regulations 2020

Building Regulations 2020

With the start of a new decade, and a new year, comes further advancement on building regulations, and working towards a safer environment.

In the previous year, there were huge changes for Building Regulations, following on from the unfortunate event of Grenfell, with the ban of the use of combustible cladding in buildings over 18m. We’re looking forward to seeing further updates to Building Regulations to push for safer properties, including the ongoing conversations regarding the installation of fire suppression systems.

Scotland have pushed forward their regulations, calling for safe homes, along with the Welsh Assembly calling for stricter fire safety procedures. We stand by their forward thinking and promote the push for the rest of the UK to follow suit.

Everybody deserves to live in safety, without the concern of possible house and building fires. With so many fire hazards, it’s important to prevent than to deal with a problem as and when it arises.

We’re looking forward to seeing what 2020 has to bring in terms of Building Regulation improvements and driving towards protecting buildings against fire hazards.


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