iMist have obtained the ISO 14001 accreditation

ISO 14001

iMist have obtained the ISO 14001 accreditation

We are proud to have obtained the ISO 14001 accreditation for our Environmental Management System – certified by BSI – underlining our commitment to sustainable solutions and our ESG credentials, with the help of Rachel Pollard and Matt Squires.


With the world moving to a greener way of living to protect the environment around us, we felt that we needed to do what we could to become an eco-friendly company and continue to contribute to the environment and the future of our planet.

How did we obtain the ISO 14001 accreditation?

As a business, we have made and will continue to make many changes to move towards a greener way of working, we have listed a few below for you:

ISO 14001 - rachel and matt


  • We have invested in more vans, meaning that we can have localised vans resulting in fewer long journeys and a reduction in emissions.
  • We have implemented a paperless policy in our offices and moved to digital methods of documentation and communication.
  • Our servicing department has significantly reduced the amount of correspondence that involves a physical letter and have almost moved completely to digital method
    s of communication with our customers.
  • All our company cars are hybrid cars, to reduce our emissions and pollution.
  • We also onboarded a new team member to assist our HSQE Manager implement develop and implement our EMS.


This is just the start of our environmental, we’ll continue making steps to a greener future. View our full list of accreditations here.

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