Fire Hazards In The Home: Flammable Liquids

fire safety in the home

Fire Hazards In The Home: Flammable Liquids

You’ll often see warnings on bottles of cleaning and beauty products, but how often do you actually pay attention to these?

There are various substances in the home which can be a huge fire hazard, that often are looked over. From rubbing alcohol, aerosols and cleaning products, you might be surprised the risks that come with storing these products.

Some products might come as a surprise in regard to fire risks, but it’s important to know about them. It might not be known that flour and oranges are highly flammable and can cause a seriousiMist Fire Suppression cleaning products to help the spread of covid-19 risk if exposed to open flames, such as candles or whilst cooking. As well as cooking oils, these products can ignite quickly, and spread fast.

Typical DIY products might also pose a high fire risk, such as WD-40 and lubricants, and should be stored in a safe manor, away from possible flames, such as candles or direct sunlight, which can also ignite these liquids if a high temperature is reached.

Have you ever been outside in high temperatures with a lighter sat on the table-top? The gases and fluid inside lighters, when exposed to heat and sunlight, can cause the lighter to burst and start a fire. That’s why it’s important to follow the warnings of storing flammable products in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight and other risks.

Next time you see a warning on a bottle, take it in, and be sure you’re not leaving them on the windowsill or next to the hob whilst cooking.  

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