iMist Installation in £6 Million Property in Pembridge Villas

Pembridge Villas Install iMist

iMist Installation in £6 Million Property in Pembridge Villas

In October 2018 we finished work on yet another stunning project, Pembridge Villas, in Notting Hill, after their initial enquiry at the end of 2016, to install an iMist fire suppression system throughout.

This project was an interesting one, with the high ceilings, intricate design and underground dwelling, we needed to go above and beyond to ensure the retrofit of our iMist system. Due to the design of the ceilings within the property, we had to custom design ‘stems’ for the nozzles to extend out and have effective coverage in the event of a fire.

It’s always great to see properties we have worked on, being publicised for their beautiful architecture and design, with our systems incorporated in the finished product. Building Control advised the architect at Pembridge Villas that a fire suppression should be installed, so they commissioned iMist for a fill supply and fit.

To read the full overview on the property that is now up for sale, check out the full article here.

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