Fire Hazards In The Home: Smoking Indoors

smoking indoors fire safety

Fire Hazards In The Home: Smoking Indoors

Smoking warnings have been around for years now, but it’s inevitable that people will continue to smoke, with many people opting for smoking in their properties, this leads to various possible fire hazards in the home.

The biggest point to highlight when smoking in the home, is the importance of ensuring the cigarettes is extinguished. When a cigarette is left in an ash tray, not extinguished properly, it only takes a small movement for a tiny ember to catch fabrics nearby, resulting in a possible fire.

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Another obvious point, but happens more frequently than expected, is smoking in bed and/or when tired. The cause of many fires in the home stem from falling asleep whilst smoking, as you relax and fall to sleep, the cigarette can soon drop from your hand, onto surrounding fabrics and clothing.

Lastly, you need fire to be able to light a cigarette, whether that be a lighter or matches. It is important to keep these well out of reach from prying hands. Children can be curious, and when they have easy access to these, can result in using them as a toy, and possibly igniting something in the home.

Keep yourself safe whilst in your property.  

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