Benefits of Water Mist

There are many benefits associated with water mist fire suppression systems including speed of installation, reduced post-fire water damage, environmentally friendly, volumes of water required and low costs. Protect your home, your development, your family and your residents.

What are the Key Benefits of Installing
Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems?

Building regulations often require fire suppression systems to be installed in domestic and residential properties.

Protect Life & Property

Water mist systems protect life and property with minimal post-fire water damage.

Less Water Usage

Water mist systems use an average of 80% less water than traditional fire sprinklers.

Minimal Damage

Smaller, flexible pipework allows for quicker installations and retrofits.

Cost Benefits

With installation becoming quicker and negating the need for water supply tanks, mist systems keep costs low.

Use up to 80% Less Water than
Traditional Sprinklers!

Water mist fire suppression systems have been proven to offer a multitude of benefits over traditional sprinkler technology for domestic and residential properties, including:

Easier and quicker installations

Minimal maintenance requirements

Environmentally friendly options

Addressing all three elements of the fire triangle

Easily extendible

How do Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems Work?

Mist systems and sprinkler systems both act to wet the fire and the surrounding area in order to make the fuel less flammable and to reduce the temperature.  However, only water mist systems work on the third side of the triangle to reduce the oxygen and dampen noxious fumes – and all with minimal water.


1. Fuel

Upon activation of a water mist nozzle, the system will begin to discharge high-pressure water mist. The mist will fill the area and dampen all surfaces, thus restricting the fire from spreading. Only nozzles affected by the fire will activate.

2. Heat

When the water is discharged at high pressure in very fine droplets, the room temperature is dramatically reduced, preventing re-ignition. 

3. Oxygen

As the water mist meets the flame front and turns to steam, it effectively deprives the seat of the fire of oxygen. With all three sides of the fire triangle now addressed, the iMist system provides vital protection to occupants and property.

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What are the Key Differences Between Mist Systems and Fire Sprinklers?

The iMist™ system discharges a maximum of eight litres of water per minute – making it far more economical than traditional systems. Water mist systems reduce the amount of post-fire water damage and lessen the environmental impact.

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