Innovative Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

iMist™ is the modern fire suppression solution replacing the heritage technology of fire sprinkler systems. It eliminates concerns over water damage, large water supply tanks, water supply upgrades and hidden maintenance costs.

We offer the perfect high pressure water mist system that can be installed quickly with a minimum of fuss but a maximum of protection for you and your property.


Why iMist™ Fire Suppression Systems?

iMist™ fire protection systems are one of the most comprehensively tested, accredited and approved domestic and residential water mist systems on the UK market.

Free Quotation Package

Our team will get your quotation and design package returned within 3-5 working days and then arrange either a telephone consultation or a site visit if it is a larger residential project or is particularly complex. This will give your project the best possible start and bring it to life quickly.

Cost Certainty

When iMist™ sends you a quote, this is the price you will pay. Our system runs off the water mains and therefore there are no tanks required. Tanks are often a hidden cost that many companies will not include in their quotes, you might only find out about them after you have committed to the order.

Complete Transparency

We believe that open communication builds trust, and this is the foundation of all of our relationships with employees and customers. The iMist™ team will be honest and transparent with you throughout every step of your journey with us.


iMist™ are one of the most comprehensively tested and approved, domestic and residential water mist system in the UK. We can confidently guarantee consistency, reliability, and quality throughout with our in-house team, allowing you to put your trust in us when it comes to fire prevention.

Award Winning

We have worked hard to develop and perfect our high quality iMist™ Fire Suppression products and systems. We are delighted that these efforts are so widely recognised by the industry and our fire accreditations reflect that.


All the protection of a traditional sprinkler system without needing to install a water tank. Lumi-Mist® helps safeguard properties through mist fire suppression, offering more environmental – but still effective – protection.

Modern Alternative to Traditional Fire Sprinkler Systems

At iMist™, we design and install water mist fire suppression systems for domestic & residential dwellings. We have developed a cost-effective system with all works carried out in-house: from manufacturing and design through to installation, final sign-off and servicing. These are also easier and quicker to install than traditional sprinkler systems.

Benefits of Watermist Systems

There are many benefits associated with water mist fire suppression systems including speed of installation, reduced post-fire water damage, environmentally friendly, volumes of water required and low costs.

Our Water Mist Systems

iMist™ Fire Sprinklers are the economical alternative to traditional fire sprinklers. The system uses less water, causes less damage and is more economical than traditional sprinkler systems.

Case Studies

We are proud to have installed our mist fire suppression system in multiple domestic and residential properties, across the UK, including student accommodation, care homes and individual domestic dwellings.

CPD Training

We provide free online continued professional development (CPD) each week, presented by our experienced ex-firefighters, explaining the benefits of water mist fire suppression systems.


Trusted by Architects, Building Control, Fire & Rescue Services and Homeowners across the UK