Change of Building Use

There are various types of conversations you can do to a property. Whether it be converting an old barn or church into a domestic property, or turning a Victorian house or office block into flats. You will be using the existing building structure of the property.

The iMist system can be easily retrofitted into an existing property, which makes the conversion easier.

Some traditional buildings are further away from the road, which poses a problem for the fire brigade in a live-fire instance. An iMist system can buy you vital minutes in protecting your personal belongings before the fire brigade arrive.

When do I need a fire suppression system?

BS 9991 says you must have an AWFSS in the following circumstances;

19.1.2 Vehicular Access

Access can be increased significantly if an AWFSS where the use of the building is required for people not capable of independent evacuation (excluding common corridors and stairways). 

  • 90cm for hoses less than 4.5m in height
  • 75m for houses/flats not more than one floor above 4.5m

29.4.2 Boundary Distance

Boundary distances can be reduced by 50% with a fitted AWFSS.

Our fully-qualified iMist engineers have successfully installed 500 domestic iMist fire suppression systems in change of building use projects so far. 

Unlike sprinkler companies, we do not charge for designs for our family home proposals to show you where our nozzles and pumps will be located.

Following your acceptance of our design package, a free site visit will be required before commencing works, and formal signing of contracts.

Change of Building Use Case Study

Many change of use properties come with unique nature, whether it be a converted barn or office block, or even old pubs and churches. The iMist system is in many change of use buildings across the UK due to its retrofittable nature.

For this project we were tasked with covering the building throughout, and retrofitting the system with minimal damage and to be as discreet as possible. The project brought many challenges but was completed ahead of schedule.

change of building use case study, from church to apartments
Floorplans for the towers a change of building use case studies imist fire suppression
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