iMist™ System Design

The thoroughly researched and tested iMist™ water mist fire system uses less water, causes less damage and is more economical than traditional sprinkler systems. The fine water mist system is designed and manufactured in-house at our factory in Hull.

System design statistics

The Benefits of iMist Fire Suppression Systems

Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems have been increasing in popularity due to the ease of the systems and the multiple benefits when compared to other fire suppression alternatives.

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Our designers will return your quotation and design within 3-5 working days to ensure a quick start to your project.

Certified, Audited and Approved

We have worked hard to obtain and pass third-party accreditations for installations, designs and manufacturing.

All iMist™ Employees

Everything we do is completed directly by iMist™ employees who have been fully trained in-house and have the competence to complete projects.

Over 180 Years of Knowledge

Our combined years of engineering and fire suppression knowledge will ensure that your project is always in the best hands.

The iMist Nozzles

The iMist™ Fire Suppression nozzles sit in line with your light fittings, ensuring they remain discreet and stylish.

They have automatic frangible bulbs, designed to be easily broken in a fire situation.
They are made of 304-grade stainless steel and can withstand temperatures up to 1500°c.
Our nozzles are only ceiling-mounted, therefore they cannot be easily obstructed.
They are available in any RAL colour to subtly fit into your home decor and fittings.

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The iMist Pipework

The iMist™ Fire Suppression pipework is designed for ease of installation with its flexible steel exterior.

The iMist hydraulic hoses can withstand high pressure.
They allow options for retrofitting due to their flexibility.
Flexible steel hoses allow for minimal disruption during installation.
They are loaded with water for quick response in the case of activation. 

The iMist Pumps

The iMist™ pumps are designed to be small and discreet in order to fit in the most convenient of places. With up to 10 years warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing you, your occupants and the property are protected in the event of a fire.


There is a ten year pump warranty (when serviced annually).
SMS alerts allow customers to be updated regarding servicing and activation.
Third-party connectivity options are available for fire panels, alarms, AOVs, etc.
Audible alarms are included to notify customers of activation, servicing and more.

Fire Suppression System Testing

To comply with BS:8458, the iMist™ system had to successfully complete six live-fire tests to prove it could be used to protect domestic and residential property risks.

The high-pressure fine water mist system passed every fire test scenario carried out by Warrington Exova (a third-party accreditation company), which makes it one of the very few water mist systems to be fully compliant.

Our components are currently undergoing testing, including by UL & cUL. Currently, we have received certification for our Y-strainer from UL, cUL and WRAS.

Furthermore, we are undergoing various R&D tests to be able to deliver even more innovative, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective solutions.

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