Multiple Houses

Multiple house builds are on the up, and across the country. With large developments, there are always areas of the builds that become challenging and whether it be for an open-plan layout, or because the property is too far from the nearest accessible road, a fire suppression system may be needed.

These builds are typically in the 10s of houses and usually take place between 12-18months.

A fire suppression system could mean more properties can be built with compensatory measures, and the layout that the architect is hoping to achieve can still be met.

When do I need a fire suppression system?

BS 9991 says you must have an AWFSS in the following circumstances; Multi-basement buildings

For dwellings with multiple floors below ground level, a protected stairway and an AWFSS, 9m meters should not be exceeded for from the foot of the protected stair to any habitable room.

6.3 (c) Dwelling houses with one or more storey greater than 4.5m in height (three storeys)

Open plan arrangements on the ground floor can be achieved on condition that AWFSS are installed throughout the property in addition to a fire rated partition and door at first floor level.

6.5.2 Loft Coversions

Open plan arrangements on the ground floor are permissible should AWFSS b installed throughout, in conjunction with a fire resisting partition and door at first floor level.

9.1 (d) Internal Planning of Flats and Maisonettes

Flats or maisonettes with an open plan arrangement and more than one floor should have a protected stairway and AWFSS fitted. This allows escape to the shared external entrance.

9.7 Open Plan Layouts

Open planned flats are permissible with a fully fitted AWFSS

19.1.2 Vehicular Access 

Extra care housing must be fitted throughout with an AWFSS. 

29.4.2 Boundary Distance Boundary distances can be reduced by 50% with a fitted AWFSS.

Our fully-qualified iMist engineers have successfully installed 2,000 domestic iMist fire suppression systems in apartments and flats so far. 

Unlike sprinkler companies, we do not charge for designs for our family home proposals to show you where our nozzles and pumps will be located.

Following your acceptance of our design package, a free site visit will be required before commencing works, and formal signing of contracts.

Multiple Houses Case Study

multiple houses case study, imist installs fire suppression systems into multiple homes
floorplan of multiple homes

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