Cost Certainty With iMist

cost certainty

Cost Certainty With iMist

When it comes to costing up building works, cost certainty is important to help keep within budget and help keep to your plan. Cost certainty ensures the likelihood that before a project starts, it will be completed to the agreed budget.iMist Fire Suppression Specialists Residential

Without cost certainty, possible budget can over run, meaning more spend for client and lower profits for contractors. Quotes will include the cover of visits, installation and the products to offer cost certainty.

At iMist, we know the importance of a budget and keeping to it, and that’s why we provide cost certainty with our systems. When we quote for our systems, the price will be the same for our products, with no hidden costs.

We often get feedback from our customers, that on previous jobs our competitors have added things onto the quotation throughout the project, that they would have inevitably had known from the start.

We’re transparent with our processes and incorporate our labour costs along with the overall system cost. There are the odd occasions where additional visits may have to be charged if the site isn’t ready, as requested, for our engineers, but this is out of our control. Prior to booking in our jobs, we will inform the contact of the components needed to be installed to the property and require images of these installed; without these images, we may not be able to attend the site.

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