Portable Heaters & Fire Safety

heat radiator portable

Portable Heaters & Fire Safety

With the colder months setting in, more people are turning to electric heaters to help warm up their home, but do you know the correct safety procedures when using any form of heater?

Over the past 5 years, there have been 819 fires started by electric heaters, with a third of electric fires resulting in a fatality involved an electric heater.

Being warm is vital, but so is your safety, so be sure you’re following the correct safety procedures.

Electrical heaters can gather dust, and the electric components can wear out and get old, if your heater is aging, be sure to get it tested by a qualified electrician to ensure it is still in working order, and don’t attempt to do any repairs yourself, as this can be extremely risky.

Getting home and into warm, heated up clothing may be a luxury, but don’t leave clothes on or near electric heaters, ensure fabrics are at least 1m away.

Whilst it might be tempting to leave the heater running in your bedroom to warm it up before going to bed, don’t leave the heaters unattended. If a fire was to start, being unattended means the fire can spread before you notice.

Although, electric heaters aren’t the only way to stay warm over the colder months, real fires are becoming increasingly popular in the home, but can pose a fire risk if not maintained and cleaned properly.

Keep logs away from the source of fire, as well as children, clothing and pets. A fire guard can help to prevent further fires.

The iMist system can ensure that in the unfortunate event of a fire, the fire can be suppressed before it spreads, giving you further peace of mind. 

heat radiator portable

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