Keep Safe in 2020

fireworks over London eye

Keep Safe in 2020

Keep Safe in 2020!

It’s finally time to say goodbye to another decade, and it’s been a great one! A new year is a great time to reflect and celebrate.


When you’re looking to celebrate going into 2020, fireworks are often in use over this period, and we would like to remind you of our health and safety tips from firework night.


Whether you’re at home celebrating, round a family or friends home or an organised display, it’s key to keep your safety first, especially if alcohol is accompanying the celebrations.


  • Fireworks can get up to speeds of around 150mph, which in windy weathers can cause serious harm. Keep fireworks away from bushes and buildings to ensure your safety.
  • When setting off fireworks or starting a bonfire, be sure a responsible adult is in control, and keep well away.
  • Lighting 3 sparklers, held together at once, can burn at the same heats used from a blowtorch when melting metals, so stay sensible, have fun, and once your sparklers have gone out, place them in a bucket of water to ensure they’re completely out.
  • Don’t use fireworks whilst intoxicated.


Keep yourself safe during your celebrations and see you in 2020!

fireworks over London eye






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