iMist Saves 2 Lives

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iMist Saves 2 Lives

A fire is never a good thing, and whilst our aim is to help prevent destruction in the event of one, there’s only so much you can do to prevent one starting. Most fire suppression systems have been vigorously tested in controlled environments, but not many have performed in a real life scenario.

On 31st August 2018, a fire started in an assisted living residence in London, which had an iMist system installed. Within two and a half minutes of the fire starting, the iMist system activated and fully distinguished the fire, saving the vulnerable tenant, as well as the other habitants of the 37-flat block.

Around 7pm, the tenant, living in the flat in which the fire first ignited, fell asleep whilst her cigarette was still ignited. The cigarette fell from her mouth and onto the blanket, and in only a matter of seconds the blanket caught fire. As the temperature of the room increased, the iMist frangible bulb in the nozzle burst, and activated the system and released the flow of high pressure water mist. The Fire Brigade was contacted, though their average response time in the UK is around 7-8 minutes, however the iMist system suppressed the fire in just 2 and a half minutes.

Unfortunately, another incident occurred a few weeks later, in which a gas heater was left on in the basement of a family home in London. The temperature of the room increase drastically, and the iMist system was activated. Thankfully a fire was unable to breakout and the Fire Brigade were called to the scene. Luckily, the damage didn’t extend to anymore than water damage.

Following the incidents, we have taken this further with component testing and have recently passed UL 321 for our strainer, and our nozzles are currently in America, being tested to UL2167.

We’re extremely proud that our system has successfully saved two properties, as well as the inhabitants, and your safety is important to us here at iMist.

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