Fire Hazards In The Home: Glass & Sunlight

glass and sunlight fire hazard

Fire Hazards In The Home: Glass & Sunlight

Your latest gift of a pretty crystal or glass paperweight might look lovely on your window sill, but it could be asking for disaster.

It might not be obvious the risks that come from glass, mirrors and other reflective items, but when exposed to sun rays directly, they can become a huge fire hazard. 

glass on a windowsill

There have been reports of fires started from glass tables, crystal door handles and mirrors.

The hazards are more common in the winter sunshine, when the sun is low, along with the stronger summer sun, which is why it’s key to be conscious of the risks that they pose. These products can magnify the sun’s rays to flammable items, producing enough heat to ignite them. 

More often than not, pretty decorations can act as a fire hazard in the home. So when you’re decorating your home, putting your glass recycling out or leaving a mirror on the windowsill, think twice about the possible hazards, and whether it could be in direct hit from the sunlight. 

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