Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

water running down a pughole

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint & Water Consumption

Climate change is a hot topic, and we support the encouragement of everyone doing their part to make a change and a difference.

When it comes to water usage, the more water we use, the more energy needs to be poured into treating the water, using chemicals. Lowering water usage reduces our carbon footprint, helping to slower the effects of Global Warming. 

Water is vital, with so many different industries and uses of water, we only have a limited supply, which is why it’s important to conserve it. Only 0.03% of the Earths water is fresh water, which is needed for consumption by all living creatures, including wildlife and plants.

Our system works only uses a small amount of water on activation, helping to contribute to water conservation, meaning we’re taking our steps to minimise water consumption. With the use of a water mist system, the use of water is minimal, alongside the fact it suppresses the fire from the start, meaning firefighters may not require water to put out a fire on arrival.

Make smarter choices by lowering your water consumption whilst also benefiting from protecting your family, property and belongings.



water running down a pughole






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