Fire Hazards In The Home: Early Detection Failure

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Fire Hazards In The Home: Early Detection Failure

Early warning fire detection systems are an important part in the home to ensure you get alerted early to possible fires, giving you more time to get to escape routes and evacuate the property. There are various types of early warning fire detection systems, and it’s vital to ensure they’re working as they should through regular testing.

Smoke alarms should still always be installed in a property, regardless of other fire suppression systems in place, and should be tested regularly, to be certain the system is working efficiently.

According to home office figures:

batteries adding into a fire alarm

Firefighters attended more than 7,500 fires in homes with battery-powered alarms in 2018, but 38% failed to alert residents of the danger.

Incorrect positioning caused 45% of the failures, while missing or faulty batteries caused 20%.

A lot of possible injuries and fatalities could have been avoided in homes across the UK if smoke alarms were correctly maintained and in working order.

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