Fire Hazards In The Home: Faulty Wiring

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Fire Hazards In The Home: Faulty Wiring

When you live in your home, it is often extremely easy to forget about the little things, and faulty wires can be one of them. Electrical items have a life span to them, and the wiring can often get broken when it comes to moving around, unplugging, and using frequently, which can pose a risk to fires.

Picture showing fault wiring

Sometimes electrics aren’t always broken through use and can often already have broken wiring inside the cables. Electrical components should be tested to British Standard, but there are often some that bypass in the market without a British Standard mark, which can result in further issues.

There are multiple ways to identify faulty wiring, that could help prevent problems in the home. If you often smell burning, it is definitely worth checking your plug sockets and what is plugged in, check whether there is excessive heat coming from certain appliances or electronics.

It is also worth considering installing an RCD into your fuse box, as this life-saving device can help to switch off the electricity if there is a fault detected. An RCD can be a great way to see if there is a fault somewhere, and get it checked by a registered electrician, to avoid further hazards.


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