The First Company to Pass the FPA’s UKAS Accredited BS 8458 Watermist System Test

BS 8458 Watermist System Test

The First Company to Pass the FPA’s UKAS Accredited BS 8458 Watermist System Test

We are delighted to be the first company to pass the FPA’s UKAS accredited BS 8458 Annex C residential and domestic watermist system test, which demonstrates the rigour of the test. Now we have passed it, we are unique in the market as we can provide our customers with a UKAS accredited stamp of approval when installing our system.

Tony Sims, iMist Founder commented: “It was important to us to get tested by a UKAS accredited facility – it gives our customers an independent stamp of approval for the iMist system and we are proud to have the only system that can claim this. We really valued the expertise and professionalism of the FPA team at Blockley and were of course delighted that our newly designed nozzle reacted so quickly and took the performance of the system to a whole new level.”

Jade Musto, Head of Suppression Systems at the FPA said: “Testing conducted by a UKAS accredited laboratory provides evidence of the effectiveness of a system, enabling manufacturers and designers to build trust with their customers and show them they are investing in a reliable system. At the FPA we strongly believe that third party testing is the best way to achieve this and we are delighted that iMist’s system has passed the test, demonstrating its performance in the event of a fire.”

FPA Testing


Why is it important to iMist to be BS 8458 accredited?

Domestic and residential properties pose high fire risks. As one of only a few companies around the world who keep everything in-house from design through to manufacturing, and installation, we need to be able to give our customers peace of mind by demonstrating that their watermist system is third-party tested, and therefore compliant with industry standards and best practice.

We aimed to show that our system is effective in keeping a fire suppressed in a standard residential-sized room, whilst not allowing the flames or heat to escape into adjacent rooms and keeping water damage to a minimum. One of the biggest challenges we faced in achieving this was the activation time of the watermist nozzles, but in the latest design we were found to activate 40 seconds into the test on average, keeping the fire under control, and in some instances, extinguishing it altogether.

How the FPA helped

The FPA is the first UKAS-accredited fire testing facility in the UK to offer this important British Standard test and our team of experts helped iMist to ensure they had taken the right steps to meet best practices. Passing the FPA’s UKAS accredited test provides iMist’s customers with the assurance that the system has been tested to the highest standard and will perform as intended should a fire occur.   

We worked with UKAS to get their accreditation and to ensure that we followed the strict protocols when testing to the BS 8458 Annex C live fire test standard. The independent testing facility at our laboratory in Blockley, Gloucestershire provides the ideal environment to run the tests and offers our customers the opportunity to watch the tests via our video camera system.

Find out more about the FPA’s UKAS-accredited BS 8458 watermist system test.

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