Water Mist Fire Extinguishment – How Does It Work?

water mist fire extinguishment

Water Mist Fire Extinguishment – How Does It Work?

Mechanism of Water Mist Fire Extinguishment:

The process of fire suppression using water mist is based on the principles of cooling, displacement of oxygen, and reduction of radiant heat. By breaking water into tiny droplets, a mist is formed with a larger surface area. This mist rapidly absorbs heat from flames and the surrounding surfaces, creating a cooling effect that decreases the fire’s temperature and aids its suppression.

Additionally, the mist displaces the oxygen around the fire, which is essential for combustion. By decreasing the concentration of oxygen, water mist prevents the fire from obtaining the necessary oxygen for sustained burning. The combined impact of cooling and oxygen displacement work together to suppress the fire effectively.

Benefits of Water Mist Fire Suppression:

Water mist fire suppression offers several advantages over traditional firefighting & fire suppression methods, making it an invaluable option in various scenarios 

Environmentally Friendly:

Water mist avoids the use of harmful chemicals or agents that could damage the environment. It uses water, a natural and abundant resource, making it an eco-friendly option for fire suppression. The iMist system runs directly from the mains meaning that vast amounts of water aren’t wasted being stored in tanks.

Enhanced Safety:

Water mist is safe to use in various environments, including occupied spaces and areas with sensitive equipment. The smaller, lighter mist droplets are less likely to cause harm to individuals present during firefighting, ensuring safety in situations where other methods might pose risks.


Water mist efficiently addresses diverse fire categories, spanning ordinary combustibles (Class A), flammable liquids (Class B), and cooking oils (Class F). This versatility makes it valuable across settings, from residential buildings to industrial complexes.

The fine mist of water droplets quickly absorbs heat from fires, leading to a rapid reduction in temperature. This swift cooling reduces the chances of the fire re-igniting, thus enhancing the extinguishing process.

Water mist also works to significantly reduce smoke, enhancing visibility during firefighting operations and minimising smoke inhalation. This improved visibility is crucial for the safety of both firefighters and occupants, aiding in efficient evacuation and firefighting efforts.

Reduced Steam Generation:

Unlike conventional water-based methods, water mist generates less steam due to its finer droplet size. This prevents obscuring visibility, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of firefighting endeavours.

With benefits such as minimised water damage, increased safety, environmental friendliness, rapid cooling, improved visibility, and reduced steam production, water mist fire extinguishment is gaining prominence across various industries.

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