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iMist Scotland

iMist Scotland

iMist Scotland’s Doors Officially Open

On the 18th April 2018, iMist officially opened their Scotland office, we’re proud to have offices nationwide to serve every corner of the UK. After the vast amount of interest in Scotland for our iMist system, we wanted to offer a more local location for our customers.u00a0

Our new office is based in the small town of Alloa, situated between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Our operations manager, Shannon, is on hand to assist our Scottish customers.

After the recent anniversary of the Grenfell Tower disaster, the Scottish government have confirmed that they plan on executing a legislation to make sprinkler systems mandatory in all new social house of over 10 tenants.u00a0

In this new legislation proposed by Labour MP David Stewart, the existing height stipulation that states that all new residential buildings, taller than 18m, must be fitter with fire sprinklers, will be removed. Instead, any social housing with more than 10 occupants will require a fire suppression system to satisfy the law.u00a0

In England and Northern Ireland, the regulations require buildings constructed after 2007, that rise above 30m, are required to have a fire suppression system. We believe that regulations in England and Northern Ireland will switch to the new Scottish regulations within the next few years, however, only time can tell whether this will happen.u00a0





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