Made in Yorkshire Awards Finalists

Made in Yorkshire shortlist

Made in Yorkshire Awards Finalists

The awards recognize world-class companies based in Yorkshire and the Humber and the products they are making in the region to sell globally, and we are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the sustainable/ethical manufacturer award.

Why have we been shortlisted for the Made in Yorkshire Awards and how are we a sustainable/ethical manufacturer?

Environmentally Friendly

At iMist, we believe that not only should your property be protected but doing our part to protect the environment too. We’ve designed the system to use as little water as possible in the event of a fire – 80% less than traditional sprinkler systems – and even less when the system is not in use.  

Water Usage

Traditional fire sprinklers are run from a water tank, which will have a vast amount of water sitting in the tank for sometimes years on end, not being used. As the iMist system uses the mains water, we only call upon the water when needed, without it sitting around in a separate tank.

Smoke Scrubbing

Most fire-related deaths are caused by the gases, such as hydrogen cyanide. The iMist system uses such small water droplets, that they work to minimise the smoke from a fire, and as a result, lower the level of toxic gas released in the air, providing a safer escape route, and environment for firefighters on arrival.

Our goals and achievements

We set out with the goal to make the installation of fire suppression systems for domestic & residential dwellings easier and quicker than it historically has been. We took into consideration the installation requirements of traditional fire sprinkler systems and found that the installation time, alongside the volume of water required and disruption caused by fixed pipework, is what led many people to get frustrated with the industry.

Over the last few years, we have developed a system and company not to be underestimated. iMist are, in fact, one company of only a few around the world that keep everything in-house from manufacturing, through to design and installation, and then to final sign-off.

The barriers we have encountered are getting the industry to recognize watermist as a solution, to the point that we have obtained every accreditation in the industry. 


BSA 8458

BSI ISO 9001 / LPCB ISO 9001

BSI ISO 14001



We are the only company to have passed the FPAs UKAS residential and domestic watermist systems test. The FPA are the only UKAS accredited company for the test BS 8458.

With the supply chain issues over the last few years, we have had to look at how we use resources and make some changes. A recent change has been to the material used in our nozzles, which has changed from aluminium to stainless steel. This change will ensure that they will last an extra 10 years after installation. We have also begun the change to a fleet of hybrid vehicles for any travel purpose for the business.

Our systems are unique and only manufactured by iMist, meaning we have complete control over all materials. We have recently discovered further ways to reuse older pieces of equipment in the new systems that we are installing, targeting an impressive 85% recycling rate. Additionally, we have partnered with Hull university to support us with our ideas and innovations, to ensure that we use local and regional resources wherever we can.

A considerable amount of effort has gone into being a sustainable and ethical manufacturer and we are thrilled to be shortlisted for the Made in Yorkshire Awards and recognised for our efforts.

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