Knowsley Heights

Why Do We Need Fire Suppression?

This is for your safety, the safety of your family and all those who live in your block.  Research has shown that the installation of sprinkler systems into high rise buildings is the best way to control fires and protect lives with tests showing success rates of over 99%. 

Because of this all new high-rise buildings must have sprinklers installed to comply with building regulations, and it is recommended that older buildings should be considered for retrofitting too.

We will fit the iMist system very quickly with a minimum of fuss.  We design, manufacture and install the iMist system ourselves.  It is manufactured at our factory in Hull and all the installation engineers are employed by iMist.  That way we can control the quality and make the whole process stress-free.

We would put a relevant video or videos here to show how the installation will be done at Knowsley Heights.

Our nozzles have passed hundreds of tests carried out by independent test houses.  They are of the highest quality.  We work with other contractors to box the flexible hose in behind fire-rated coving so that there is minimal impact on the look of your flat.

We would put text and pictures here to explain the look and feel of the nozzles for the Knowsley Heights project.

…and the answers to them.

No, it is not like you see in films.  Only the nozzles that are closest to any fire will be activated.

No the iMist nozzles will only be installed within individual flats and store areas as this is where fires are most likely to start,

Yes, we’ll survey each flat before we start work and tell you where the iMist nozzles are going to go.