Frequently Asked Questions

As expected, there are always questions that come along with installation of a fire suppression system, and how it works. 

We’ve pieced together the most commonly asked questions about our system, and hopefully have answered any queries you might have. 

If you still have a question about the iMist fire suppression, please get in touch with the team, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you might still have.

Yes, the iMist system has full system test reports available, for both, BS8458:2015 & DD8458-1:2010; as well as UL & ULC component testing, with certificates to support this.

The iMist system can only be used in domestic & residential circumstances, or for our North American customers; single family dwellings & residential buildings.

The price for the iMist fire suppression system will be dependant on the number of nozzles & pumps required, as well as the amount of pipework required to complete the job. Once you have sent your floor plans/blueprints across to our sales team, they will be able to organise a quotation for the project.

Yes, the iMist system can be connected to a variety of things, please see the below.

To name a few; fire panel, fire alarm system, AOV (Automatic Opening Vent), SMS unit, fire curtain. It is always worth asking your local iMist office if you would like the iMist system connected to another system at your property/project.

No, as long as the incoming water supply meets the requirements for the system, which can be found in your pre-installation guides. 

The pumps come in 2 sizes, for residential and domestic properties. The domestic pumps are: Height – 400mm, Depth – 300mm, Length – 500mm, Weight – 35KG. Residential pumps measure to: Height – 500mm, Depth – 300mm, Length – 500mm, Weight – 80KG. 

Please note, you will need to allow extra space around the pump for installation and pipework. 

The hole required for the nozzle is 76mm, and the nozzle protrudes from the ceiling by 22mm. The hoses are measured to 22mm in the biggest part. 

No, that is a Hollywood myth. It will only be the nozzle, where the frangible bulb breaks, that will be activated, in the unfortunate event of a fire. 

No, the iMist system can only be activated by a 57 degree or 134.6 Fahrenheit heat. This is also needs to be consistent heat, a flash of a flame will not break the bulb. The bulbs used in our system are the same that are used in fire suppression systems all over the world.

The pump unit is designed to fit in kitchen units under the sink, under stairs cupboards, eaves of the building etc.

Each nozzle covers 16m2 or 172 sq ft, so it would be dependant on how many rooms within the property, as well as the size of the rooms.

Yes, our system is designed to be retrofittable and we have completed many projects, much easier than traditional systems, because of the flexibility of our systems.

Typically, a 5 nozzle system could be fully installed in half a day.

Our system is designed to be fitted behind a 30 minute plasterboard barrier, if you cannot provide us with this, then we would install solid fixed stainless-steel pipework, however this is very small compared to a typical fire sprinkler system.

The mess will be minimal, and all of our engineers are trained, to ensure they clear up after they have installed the system. 

Yes, all of our engineers go through rigorous training in-house, and are certified to install the iMist system.  

The iMist system requires annual maintenance; however we know our customers have busy lives, so, we keep a record in house and will email, and send a letter, a few weeks before the service due date.

Your pump needs to be serviced on a yearly basis, we will be sure to remind you when your service is due. The system can only be serviced through iMist. The system can only be serviced through iMist to maintain warranty.

Yes, once your system has been installed and commissioned, you will receive a completion certificate via email from iMist.