Swinton Park Manor Hotel

Heritage Listed - Yorkshire Dales

Case Study Description

Swinton Park Estate Hotel
Heritage-Listed Property
1 Day
Yorkshire Dales
1 Domestic 


Swinton Estate is one of the largest privately owned estates in England, situated in North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales, dating back to the 1600’s. It’s also host to a hotel, cookery school, glamping site, cafe and country club.

In 2021, our customer begun renovation works on an existing block to extend their accomodation options, but found that their exit route wasn’t sufficient.


The customer initially installed a Category L1 detection system, meeting AHJ requirements. However, they aimed to enhance guest safety and ensure a swift and secure evacuation in case of a fire.

The customer explored the possibility of adding a fire exit, but after considering the Grade II listed status of the building, this option wouldn’t preserve the building’s structural integrity. With this option, retaining the windows as a key feature posed challenges, as they would need to remove the windows to install the doors.

After careful consideration, the customer concluded that integrating a water mist system in the room was the most practical choice. This option not only safeguarded guests but also minimized the overall impact of a fire, ensuring the building’s integrity.

Ultimately, the customer chose the iMist™ system, appreciating its ability to protect the structure while maintaining the luxurious ambiance of the guest room.